v1.2.15 - April 16, 2019

This is a minor bug fix release.

Changes in v1.2.15

  • Matching bug for not in list comprehension it must be an absolute match in process_ionosphere_echo (2942, 2484, #100)

Update notes

  • These update instruction apply to upgrading from v1.2.14 to v1.2.15 only. However as with all Skyline updates it is possible to go through the update notes for each version and make your own update notes/process to take you from version x to version y.
  • There are no changes to the DB in v1.2.15
  • There are no changes to settings.py in v1.2.15

How to update from v1.2.14

You can either deploy v1.2.15 or seeing as this in a minor bug fix, it only requires the replacement of the skyline/ionosphere/ionosphere.py file and an ionosphere restart.

An example in-situ upgrade would be:

CURRENT_SKYLINE_PATH="/opt/skyline/github/skyline"                 # Your Skyline path
cp "${CURRENT_SKYLINE_PATH}/skyline/ionosphere/ionosphere.py" "${CURRENT_SKYLINE_PATH}/skyline/ionosphere/ionosphere.py.v1.2.14.bak"
wget -O "${CURRENT_SKYLINE_PATH}/skyline/ionosphere/ionosphere.py" https://raw.githubusercontent.com/earthgecko/skyline/v1.2.15/skyline/ionosphere/ionosphere.py
# Restart ionosphere

# If you want to update your reported version too then ...
wget -O "${CURRENT_SKYLINE_PATH}/skyline/skyline_version.py" https://raw.githubusercontent.com/earthgecko/skyline/v1.2.15/skyline/skyline_version.py
# Restart webapp