1.0.4 - the crucible branch

Some documentation updates and setup.py things

Changes include:

  • Corrected boundary anomaly_seen log info context
  • In the skyline_functions get_graphite_metric slip the fetching Graphite json into 2 try: blocks the actual Graphite request and the reading datapoints from json and added the graphite_json_fetched variable to test the condition
  • Padded out skyline_functions docstrings with type definitions for each param
  • Escape : ( and ) in metric name to Graphite URI for Unescaped Graphite target https://github.com/earthgecko/skyline/issues/20 in mirage and skyline_functions
  • Rmoved old sys.path requirements for the old import settings method.
  • Added some notes to the development doc regarding ongoing refactoring work
  • Added validation on all Panorama GET parameters to mitigate as much XSS and SQL injection as I can at the moment, arachni is happier now.
  • Sanitize request.args
  • Added missing settings. to CRUCIBLE_PROCESSES thanks @blake3r2, this stops it doing nothing. This branch reallt should have been called panorama, but it started last year as crucible, so crucible was not fully tested in the new structure, apologies.
  • Misc docs changes
  • Adding additional exception handling to Analyzer - Issue #19 - task1544 https://github.com/earthgecko/skyline/issues/19
  • This is a start but not complete, other issues took precedence and these are the changes to date.
  • Bumped version to 1.0.4