1.0.1 - the crucible branch

This is a minor update to the the crucible branch which fixes a few bugs and some documentation corrections and additions. It also adds a Redis data graph to the Analyzer alerter see Analyzer SMTP alert graphs

Changes include:

  • blak3r2 patch-5 https://github.com/earthgecko/skyline/pull/12 related to use skyline;
  • Fixed a determine_median error, related to an error that crept in testing although it is not currently used, it was included incorrectly as in patterning the value range of the timeseries had has already been panda.Series into an array.
  • Corrected path as per blak3r2 blak3r2:patch-3 as per https://github.com/earthgecko/skyline/pull/11/files
  • Added matplotlib Redis data graph to alerters - this adds a matplotlib plot image to the smtp alert with additional details showing the 3sigma upper (and if applicable lower) bounds and the mean.
  • Added settings.PLOT_REDIS_DATA to the settings.py
  • Added a note about expected installation pip times
  • Updated Python version references in docs from 2.7.11 to 2.7.12
  • Added docs/skyline.simplified.workflow.uml and docs/skyline.uml for a workflow diagram with some annotations - things clustered by role
  • Bumped up to version 1.0.1