1.2.0 - the luminosity branch

v1.2.0-luminosity - Apr 13, 2018


  • Bumped to v1.2.0
  • Adds the basic Luminosity correlation functionality based on Linkedin luminol

How to update from v1.x

  • Download the new release tag or clone/update to get it to a temp location, ready to be deployed.
  • Diff your current running version settings.py with skyline/settings.py and create a new settings.py in the temp location appropriate for Skyline v1.2.0 and your set up, ready to be deployed.
  • Stop Skyline Ionosphere and Panorama services.
  • Backup your Skyline database.
  • Apply the SQL update to your Skyline database (as per described below).
  • Stop all other Skyline services
  • Move your current Skyline directory to a backup directory.
  • Move the new Skyline v1.2.0 with your new settings.py from the temp location to your working Skyline directory.
  • Start the Skyline services, remembering to start bin/luminosity.d too :)
  • Add the luminosity service/process to any local process monitoring/management you may have.

SQL update

Change the below variables as appropriate to your set up.

BACKUP_DIR="/tmp"  # Where you want to backup the DB to
MYSQL_DB="skyline"  # Your MySQL Skyline DB name
SKYLINE_PATH="/opt/skyline/github/skyline"  # Your Skyline path

# Backup DB
mkdir -p $BACKUP_DIR
mysqldump -u$MYSQL_USER -p $MYSQL_DB > $BACKUP_DIR/pre.v1.2.0.$MYSQL_DB.sql

# Update DB
mysql -u$MYSQL_USER -p $MYSQL_DB < $SKYLINE_PATH/updates/sql/ionosphere-v1.1.x-to-v1.2.0.sql