1.0.3 - the crucible branch

Some documentation updates and setup.py things

Changes include:

  • Added epel-release to the RedHat family install as python-pip is not in the main repos and gcc
  • Added wget and tar in case someone is using a minimal OS install
  • Added build-essentials as Ubuntu-14.04.4 has to have build-essentials first or zlib, et al are not available even if zlib1g-dev et al are installed
  • Added libreadline6-dev and readline-devel and ncurses
  • Added basic overview of the Webapp uml and png to docs as per suggested by @blak3r2
  • Wrapped MySQL debug logging in the proper if ENABLE_DEBUG conditionals as these were being generally logged for Panorama patterning
  • Added setup.py and setup.cfg for pypi
  • Minor docs changes and additions
  • Added Known bugs divs to now and Panorama views in the Webapp
  • Bumped up to version 1.0.3