1.0.2 - the crucible branch

This update fixes a few bugs in the Webapp Panorama and dygraphs implementation related to rendering the graphs in the applicable time zone, whether that be rendering using the browser’s time zone or fixing graphs to render using a fixed and specified time zone.

d3js and/or metricsgraphics.js was considered to fix this maybe, however the moment.js elegant hack is suffice for now.

Changes include:

  • Using Eddified’s elegent hack to overwrite Dygraph’s DateAccessorsUTC to return values according to the currently selected timezone as per: http://stackoverflow.com/a/24196184
  • Add the WEBAPP timezone related variables to settings.py
  • Added moment.js/2.14.1 and moment-timezone/0.5.5 to be pulled from cdnjs.cloudflare.com
  • Fixed type error in a skyline_functions.py except
  • Bumped up to version 1.0.2