1.2.10 - the luminosity branch

v1.2.10-luminosity - November 19, 2018

Bug fixes release

  • Bug fixes are described below.

Changes from v1.2.9

  • Bumped version to v1.2.10
  • Stop analyzer stalling if there is no stale_metrics_to_alert_on list to delete (2492)
  • Remove Ionosphere check files is key exists instead of failing check file this was here for initially debugging, no longer needed (2680)
  • To reduce the amount of I/O used by Mirage in this loop check and reduce the number of log entries for ‘not alerting - Ionosphere metric’ a check is made if the metric_name has already been check, if so continue (2682)
  • Handle if the metrics_var_file has not been set and is still False so that the path.isfile does not error with: 'TypeError: coercing to Unicode: need string or buffer, bool found'
  • Handle 0.0 float in value variable (2708, 2234)
  • Noted wget and net-tools required in dawn docs

Update notes

  • NOTE: If you are running v1.x you CANNOT upgrade from v1.x directly to v1.2.10
  • You can only upgrade to v1.2.9 from v1.2.8
  • There is no change to the DB
  • There are no changes to settings.py

How to update from v1.2.9

  • There is no requirement for a full upgrade as described in previous release notes, but you can if you want to as per previous release notes or if you have some other reason related to configuration management or git referencing.
  • To simply upgrade v.1.2.9 in-situ do
CURRENT_SKYLINE_PATH="/opt/skyline/github/skyline"  # Your Skyline path
cp skyline/skyline_version.py skyline/skyline_version.py.v1.2.8.bak
cp skyline/analyzer/analyzer.py skyline/analyzer/analyzer.py.v1.2.8.bak
cp skyline/mirage/mirage.py skyline/mirage/mirage.py.v1.2.8.bak
cp skyline/ionosphere/ionosphere.py skyline/ionosphere/ionosphere.py.v1.2.8.bak
cp skyline/ionosphere/learn.py skyline/ionosphere/learn.py.v1.2.8.bak
cp skyline/webapp/ionosphere_backend.py skyline/webapp/ionosphere_backend.py.v1.2.8.bak
wget -O skyline/skyline_version.py "${GITHUB_TREE_URL}/skyline/skyline_version.py"
wget -O skyline/analyzer/analyzer.py "${GITHUB_TREE_URL}/skyline/analyzer/analyzer.py"
wget -O skyline/mirage/mirage.py "${GITHUB_TREE_URL}/skyline/mirage/mirage.py"
wget -O skyline/ionosphere/ionosphere.py "${GITHUB_TREE_URL}/skyline/ionosphere/ionosphere.py"
wget -O skyline/ionosphere/learn.py "${GITHUB_TREE_URL}/skyline/ionosphere/learn.py"
wget -O skyline/webapp/ionosphere_backend.py "${GITHUB_TREE_URL}/skyline/webapp/ionosphere_backend.py"
# Restart analyzer, mirage, ionosphere and webapp
  /etc/init.d/$i restart
  • Check the logs
# How are they running
tail -n 20 /var/log/skyline/*.log

# Any errors - each app
find /var/log/skyline -type f -name "*.log" | while read skyline_logfile
  echo "#####
# Checking for errors in $skyline_logfile"
  cat "$skyline_logfile" | grep -B2 -A10 -i "error ::\|traceback" | tail -n 60
  echo ""
  echo ""