1.1.7 - the ionosphere branch

v1.1.7-ionosphere - Nov 8, 2017


  • Bumped to v1.1.7
  • features profiles by performance (Feature #2184). Added fp efficiency and layer efficiency calculations to the search features results table. This is a simple percentage calculation of matched over number of time checked.
  • existing features profiles link (Feature #2210). Add a link to features profiles for a metric so that the operator can open up the features profile search page with all the features profiles for the metric to evaluate efficiency and count of features profiles to determine how effectively Ionosphere is working on a metric. This could be a table insert like Existing layers, but big tables may hinder easy navigation in the training page, so a link and new tab is ok.
  • Fixed variable typo which resulted in layer last checked - ionosphere_backend.py
  • D1 layer issue (Bug #2208). Corrected copy paste typo in layers
  • fix alert Redis derivative graphs. (Bug #2168). Stop nonNegativeDerivative being applied twice
  • panorama incorrect mysql_id cache keys (Bug #2166). There are SOME cache key msgpack values that DO == string.printable for example [73] msgpacks to I panorama.mysql_ids will always be msgpack so if ‘panorama.mysql_ids’ in key name set test_string = False
  • Ionosphere - matches page (Feature #1996). Included the features_profiles_matches.html Create the ionosphere_summary_memcache_object. Added get_fp_matches and get_matched_id_resources, get_fp_matches, get_matched_id_resources, fp_search_or_matches_req and fp_matches. Handle both fp_search and fp_matches. Added ‘matched_fp_id’, ‘matched_layer_id’ request arguments. Added matched_graph_image_file to show the graph for the matched event in the features_profile MATCHED Evaluation page. Added the Matches Ionosphere page and menu tabs
  • panorama incorrect mysql_id cache keys (Bug #2166). Wrap in except around mysql_select
  • webapp Redis metric check, existing but sparsely represented metrics. If this is an fp_view=true, it means that either the metric is sparsely represented or no longer exists, but an fp exists so continue and do not 404 (Bug #2158). Note about unused TSFRESH_VERSION in skyline/features_profile.py
  • ionosphere - mismatching timestamp metadata (Bug #2162 and Feature #1872) Iterate back a few seconds as the features profile dir and file resources may have a slight offset timestamp from the created_timestamp which is based on MySQL CURRENT_TIMESTAMP