1.1.5 - the ionosphere branch

v1.1.5-ionosphere - Aug 4, 2017

Minor bug fixes


  • Update training_data page with some additional info relating to FULL_DURATION and the D1 layer
  • Added Order Matters section to Analyzer doc
  • pep8 changes in boundary.py
  • Added new context parameter to verify_alerts.py
  • Make fp_generation_created default to 0 for backwards compatible with older features profiles (IssueID #1854: Ionosphere learn - generations)
  • Align webapp backend anomaly_count and limit_count
  • Support #2072: Make Boundary hipchat alerts show fixed timeframe
  • Bug #2050: analyse_derivatives - change in monotonicity - Removed unused ionosphere_alerts_returned variable - Removed a copy paste last_alert that was not deleted when changed to the last_derivative_metric_key
  • Bug fix - if the nonNegativeDerivative has been calculated we need to reset the x and y as nonNegativeDerivative has to discard the first value as it has no delta and resulted a matplotlib/axes/_base.py error in _xy_from_xy raise ValueError(“x and y must have same first dimension”) (Bug #2068: Analyzer smtp alert error on Redis plot with derivative metrics)
  • Bug fix to handle MySQL Aborted_clients where duplicate engines were being accquired and engines were not being disposed of (Bug #2136: Analyzer stalling on no metrics)
  • Bug fix - All del methods have been wrapped with an except logger.error method to prevent any stalling on the variable/object not existing (Bug #2136: Analyzer stalling on no metrics)
  • Show a human date in alerts. Added alerted_at, long overdue.
  • Also wrapped the mirage_alerters.alert_smtp body creation in try except