1.1.6 - the ionosphere branch

v1.1.6-ionosphere - Sep 13, 2017


  • Bumped to v1.1.6
  • disabled_features_profiles (Feature #2056)
    • Populated the enabled_list
    • Added enabled_list to display DISABLED in search_features_profiles page results.
    • Added enabled query modifier to display enabled or disabled profiles in the search_features_profiles page results.
    • Updated docs with memcached stuff and DISABLED features profiles
    • Added the functionality in Webapp to disable features profiles and their progeny features profiles
    • Tidy up and use settings memcache variables in ionosphere.py
  • Optimise Ionosphere DB usage with memcached - (Task #2132)
  • Infrequent missing new_ Redis keys (Bug #2154)
    • Update derivative_metrics if the analyzer.derivative_metrics_expiry key is going to expire within 60s
    • Increased analyzer.derivative_metrics_expiry ttl from 120 to 300
  • Updated deps (Task #2138)
  • 7bit SMTP encoding breaking long urls (Bug #2142)
    • Broke body into body and more_body to workaround the 990 character limit per line for SMTP, using mixed MIMEMultipart