1.0.5 - the crucible branch

Fixes two Analyzer memory leaks and improves overview memory footprint a bit.

Changes include:

  • Issue #21 Memory leak in Analyzer - self.mirage_metrics.append(metric) and plt.savefig memory leaks were fixed. Removed unused but appended mirage list. Moved trigger_alert to a multiprocessing process when the alert is smtp. This is used by smtp alerters so that matplotlib objects are cleared down and the alerter cannot create a memory leak in this manner as plt.savefig keeps the object in memory until the process terminates. Seeing as data is being surfaced and processed in the alert_smtp context, multiprocessing the alert creation and handling prevents any memory leaks in the parent. This fixes Issue #21 Memory leak in Analyzer - https://github.com/earthgecko/skyline/issues/21 internal ref #1558: Memory leak in Analyzer
  • In agent del the algorithm test objects to free the memory
  • Applied in both Analyzer and Mirage
  • Some pyflakes linting done
  • Reintroduced the original alert substring matching AFTER wildcard matching, to allow more flexibility
  • In Analyzer streamlined the Mirage metrics a bit
  • Added some settings vaidation in the agents
  • Issue #22 - Analyzer also alerting on Mirage metrics now This fixes #22 by introducing a mirage.metrics Redis key namespace for any Mirage metric. This acts as a dynamic SKIP_LIST for Analyzer so to speak and allows for wildcard and substring matching and prevents Analyzer alerting on Mirage metrics.
  • Added determine_array_median - readded the method to determine_median of an array which was changed to a timeseries from an array in https://github.com/earthgecko/skyline/commit/9dcf8ffbf6da0820ec5d2f93d3d7079abed3f5a7 errorneously as it was assumed to not be being used however it was being used by algorithm timings
  • Some pyflakes linting done with unused imports and unused variables
  • Added validation of settings with validate_settings.py, although this does not cover all settings, it tests the critical ones per app that have no except handling - in the agent.py
  • Some pyflakes linting done with unused imports and unused variables
  • Added del of test objects to reduced memory to all agents that test algorithms
  • Added validate_settings to webapp
  • Added default recipient which acts as a catchall for alert tuples that do not have a matching namespace defined in recipients in SMTP_OPTS and BOUNDARY_SMTP_OPTS
  • Added analyzer_debug to crucible branch, the analyzer_debug app which has a number of memory debugging tools and options that can be turned on and off, etc
  • Bumped version to 1.0.5