1.0.8 - the crucible branch

  • Mirage changes include a changed to panorama style skyline_functions load_metric_vars and fail_check
  • Handle Panorama stampede on restart after not running #26 Added to settings and Panorama to allow to discard any checks older than PANORAMA_CHECK_MAX_AGE to prevent a stampede if desired, not ideal but solves the stampede problem for now - https://github.com/earthgecko/skyline/issues/26
  • Added the original Skyline UI back as a then tab, for nostalgic and historical reasons.
  • Bumped to version 1.0.8

Added: skyline/webapp/static/css/skyline.css skyline/webapp/templates/then.html

Modified: docs/panorama.rst skyline/mirage/mirage.py skyline/panorama/panorama.py skyline/settings.py skyline/webapp/webapp.py skyline/webapp/templates/layout.html skyline/tests/test_imports.py skyline/skyline_version.py