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class Vista[source]

Bases: object

Initializes Vista


Start the Vista.

Start the logger. module

class Fetcher(parent_pid)[source]

Bases: Thread

The fetcher thread asynchronisly retrieves the latest data points for metrics from multiple endpoints using asyncio and aiohttp and submits the data to the Redis set, vista.fetcher.metrics.json for the worker to process.


Self explanatory.

fetch_process(i, metrics_to_fetch)[source]
  • Called when the process intializes.

  • Determine if Redis is up and discover the number of unique metrics.

  • Wait for the processes to finish.

  • Send metrics to GRAPHITE_HOST module

class Worker(parent_pid)[source]

Bases: Process

The worker process retrieves time series published to the Vista Fetcher Redis set, vista.fetcher.metrics.json (and in future the vista.fetcher.metrics.csv Redis set) and validates the latest data points for each metric and submits it to Skyline Flux or directly to Graphite.


Self explanatory.


Called when the process intializes.

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