Anomify - cutting edge Skyline

Anomify is a fully managed Skyline application and more. Anomify are offering free access to Skyline users who sign up now (future integrations will be charged).

Built by the team behind Skyline, Anomify takes the good parts of open-source Skyline like the training process and streamlined them. Anomify has also added things like a modern, user friendly dashboard, supercharged graphs, contextual alerts, distributed notifications and a well documented API.

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Benefit from a managed service

Skyline is a complex beast which can take a lot of effort and time to get running well. With Anomify the set up overhead is taken off your hands. Anomify run the latest Skyline version so you never have to install updates, handle scaling issues or manage redundant copies of your data. There is no need to understand how new analysis features apply to your metrics or how to configure and implement them, that is all done for you. All you have to do is send metrics and configure alerts.

Benefit from direct message support with the team behind Skyline via Slack and email.

Anomify is currently free for Skyline users.

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Anomify overview

More eyes on metrics

Leave Anomify running alongside your existing Skyline setup and see the results for yourself. The intuitive dashboard and actionable alerts open monitoring up to the wider team. After running Anomify for 3 months you will receive fewer false positive alerts giving you more time to focus on other things. You’ll have learnt much more about your metrics and you might even have developers monitoring their own applications!

Why Anomify?

We’ve been managing and developing Skyline for over 5 years, running on our own production data, and we know just how hard it can be to deploy. So, this got us thinking… how can we help more users and organisations unlock the power of Skyline’s anomaly detection on their data? Anomify was created to do just that.

Many Skyline users miss out on key features because they are hard to configure. We wanted to showcase how well Skyline performs at only identifying true positive anomalies, when it is trained using semi-supervised learning, so we built an intuitive UI and improved alerts so the whole team can get involved with ops.

As devops culture matures and infrastructure moves into the cloud and requires less ‘ops’ personnel it’s vital that we preserve and teach operations skills. Anomify does just that, it allows the team to get curious about issues. You’ll learn more about your metrics behaviours and deepen your understanding of the systems they track.

Why is Anomify free?

There is no such thing as a free lunch so we’re asking for constructive feedback as payment for using the Anomify service. Many of the features we build are added to Skyline for use by the open source community. You’ll be able to shape our roadmap to best serve monitoring professionals.