The requirements are:

  • The recommended minimum spec for the Skyline server is a 4 CPU / 8GB RAM instance. For a small metric population a single CPU would suffice.

  • A server running CentOS Stream 8, Ubuntu 20.04 or Ubuntu 22.04. Although CentOS Stream 8 is recommended because Skyline is developed, tested and run in production on CentOS Stream 8, only building is tested on Ubuntu.

  • virtualenv

  • Python 3.8.17 (running in an isolated virtualenv)

  • Redis (or redis-stack-server)

  • MariaDB

  • memcached (optional)

  • Additionally, a Graphite, Prometheus or VictoriaMetrics instance is required that is being populated with metric data from telegraf, sensu, prometheus remote_storage_adapter, et al or whatever your preferred metric collector is. Skyline use Graphite and/or VictoriaMetrics for long term time series database. Graphite and/or VictoriaMetrics can run on the Skyline instance.

  • A slack account, although optional, almost all of Skyline’s messaging is done via slack, along with all the links and functionality to train metrics. A channel and bot in a free-tier slack account is sufficient.

If you using the quickstart install script, then Graphite will be deployed on the server as well (if you do not disable the Graphite install) and you can opt to install Prometheus (to send data to Flux) and/or VictoriaMetrics (to store longer term data).


The requirements.txt file lists the required packages and the last verified as working version with Python-3.8 within a virtualenv.