What’s new

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For v.1.1.1 and later see [Release Notes](releases.html)

Skyline v1.1.0-beta the ionosphere branch

See Ionosphere and Development - Ionosphere

Skyline v1.0.4-beta - v1.0.8-beta the crucible branch

Mics changes and bug fixes.

Skyline v1.0.3-beta - the crucible branch

Some documentation updates and setup.py things

Skyline v1.0.2-beta - the crucible branch

Custom time zone settings for the rendering of Webapp Panorama dygraph graphs see [Webapp - Time zones](webapp.html#time-zones)

Skyline v1.0.1-beta - the crucible branch

Analyzer alerts with a graph plotted from Redis data, not just the Graphite graph see [Analyzer SMTP alert graphs](analyzer.html#analyzer-smtp-alert-graphs)

Skyline v1.0.0-beta - the crucible branch

The crucible branch had an issue open called Bug #982: Too much in crucible branch

> Too much in crucible branch > > I have added some pep20, sphinx docs and python package restructuring from @languitar etsy/skyline #93 - https://github.com/languitar/skyline/tree/setuptools - which turns skyline into a python package

The reality was that it was too difficult to reverse engineer all the changes into separate branches, so it continued unabated…

This version of Skyline sees enough changes to worthy of a major version change. That said the changes are/should be backwards compatible with older versions, mostly (best efforts applied) with a caveat on the skyline graphite metrics namespace and running Skyline under python virtualenv.

Conceptual changes

The FULL_DURATION concept is a variable and it is a variable in more ways than the settings.py context. Conceptually now FULL_DURATION, full_duration, full_duration_seconds and full_duration_in_hours are variables in different contexts. The FULL_DURATION concept was important in the Analyzer context, but the concept of the full duration of a timeseries has become somewhat more variably and is different within different scopes or apps within Skyline. It is no longer really a single static variable, it is handled quite dynamically in a number of contexts now.

Etsy to time()

This whats new will cover all the new things that the crucible branch introduces since the last Etsy commit on master of [etsy/skyline](https://github.com/etsy/skyline), although not strictly accrurate, for the purposes of generality it shall be assumed that no one is running the new Skyline features that have not been merged to the Etsy Skyline.

anomaly_breakdown metrics


See [Mirage](mirage.html)


See [Boundary](boundary.html)


See [Crucible](crucible.html)

sphinx documentation

See [Building documentation](building-documentation.html)

Performance tuning

See [Analyzer Optimisations](analyzer-optimisation.html)

Process management

A number of the apps have had better process management handling added and the parent process now spawns processes and terminates then if they have not completed in MAX_ANALYZER_PROCESS_RUNTIME, ROOMBA_TIMEOUT and other apps have this specified too, either using the MAX_ANALYZER_PROCESS_RUNTIME as a hardcoded one where appropriate. This handles a very limited number of edge cases where something that is host machine related causes the Python process to hang.

Analyzer optimisations

See [Analyzer Optimisations](analyzer-optimisation.html)

algorithm_breakdown metrics

See [Analyzer Optimisations](analyzer-optimisation.html)

Improved log handling

  • Prevent log overwrites

See [Logging](logging.html)


Some simple and basic security was added to the Webapp now it can be enabled to access a MySQL database in the Panorama context.

  • Only allow IP addresses in WEBAPP_ALLOWED_IPS

  • There is now a single HTTP auth user WEBAPP_AUTH_USER and WEBAPP_AUTH_USER_PASSWORD

  • The Webapp can now be served via gunicorn and Apache (or any other HTTP reverse proxy).

See [Webapp](webapp.html)


See [Panorama](panorama.html)