Monitoring Skyline

It should be noted that something should monitor the Skyline processes. Over a long enough timeline Python or Redis or some I/O issue is going to lock up and the Python process is just going to hang. This means that it is not really sufficient to just monitor the process with something like monit.


Skyline logs

Each Skyline app is expected to log at a certain intervals, by design for this very purpose. So if a Skyline app has not written to its log in 120 seconds, it has hung. So some simple bash scripts can be crond to restart the application if the log has not been written to in 120 seconds.

This very simple mechanism solves a very difficult problem to solve within Python itself. It works.

The Graphite pickle

The same can be said for the pickle from Graphite. The same simple methodology can be employed on Graphite too, a simple script to determine the number of carbon fullQueueDrops to the destinations metric for your skyline node/s e.g. carbon.relays.skyline-host-a.destinations.123_234_213_123:2024:None.fullQueueDrops If the number of drops is greater than x, restart carbon-cache or just the carbon-relay if you have rcarbon-relay enabled, which you should have :)

A further advantage having carbon-relay enabled independently of carbon-cache is that implementing a monitor script on your carbon.relays.*.fullQueueDrops metrics means that if carbon-cache itself has a pickle issue, it should be resolved by a carbon-relay restart, just like Skyline Horizon is fixed by its monitor.


The Skyline Thunder app monitors the basic Skyline internals. See the Thunder section.