Ionosphere echo

Ionosphere echo is a extension of Ionosphere specifically for Mirage metircs.

The initial implementation of Ionosphere regarding Mirage metrics, only created features profiles based on the Mirage SECOND_ORDER_RESOLUTION_SECONDS time series. If Ionosphere echo is enabled, Ionosphere now also automatically creates a features profile for Mirage metrics based on the settings.FULL_DURATION data.

Testing has shown that Ionosphere echo makes Ionosphere matching between 30% to 50% more effective on Mirage metrics (depending on the metric). Ionosphere echo also implements Minmax scaling analysis on the settings.FULL_DURATION data.

The Ionosphere echo analysis is run between the normal Mirage features profiles analysis and the layers analysis, so the analysis pipeline with Ionosphere echo enabled is as follows:

  • Ionosphere comparison to Mirage SECOND_ORDER_RESOLUTION_SECONDS features profiles and minmax scaled features profiles
  • Ionosphere echo comparison to Mirage settings.FULL_DURATION features profiles
  • Ionosphere comparison to Mirage settings.FULL_DURATION minmax scaled features profiles
  • Ionosphere layers comparisons