Development - dawn-docker

No longer maintained

Running Skyline on docker is possible but it is no longer maintained.

Build script - utils/dawn/

The Skyline dawn docker build script is for TESTING only, it is not recommended for production use and it is not meant for localhost (unless you have a CentOS 7.6 VM running on you localhost). If you want to run Skyline on docker on your localhost see the Docker page.

This script installs and sets up the required components to run and test Skyline running in docker containers on CentOS 7.6.


  • The script is IPv4 ONLY. It DISABLES IPv6 is on the system.
  • This script manages the basic requirements on firewall-cmd and firewalld it allows public access to port 22, 80 and 443 and restricted access to port 8888 for Graphite.


Please populate these variables as appropriate with the values of YOUR set up and write them to /etc/skyline/skyline.dawn.conf to be sourced by the build script.

YOUR_SERVER_IP_ADDRESS="x.x.x.x"  # YOUR Skyline server public IPv4 address
YOUR_OTHER_IP_ADDRESS="x.x.x.x"   # YOUR current public IPv4 address that you will be connecting from
SKYLINE_RELEASE="v1.2.18"         # The Skyline release to deploy

Deploying Skyline on CentOS 7.6 using

Use sudo as appropriate.

# Create the skyline.dawn.conf files and add the USER DEFINED VARIABLES
vi /etc/skyline/skyline.dawn.conf

# Fetch the build script
yum -y install wget
wget -O /tmp/

# Always review scripts before running them
cat /tmp/

# Run the build script
chmod 0755 /tmp/
# Check the logs
tail -n 60 /var/log/skyline/*.log